It's 2022. The world is still on fire, but we will have a waltz

The one hour or so Flash Waltz will be Sunday August 14th at the Portland Peninsula Park Rose Garden. We will be in the Northwest corner of the Rose Garden. Use the Rose Garden access staircase near 6082 N. Albina Ave. Slightly more distant, a Rose Garden access ramp is located near the corner of N. Borthwick Ave. and N. Ainsworth St. Here is the Google Map with the closest access points and best places to park.

Musicians, please show up by 4:15 so we can get arranged and settled. Bring a chair, music stand, and clips to hold your sheet music in the wind. Playing (and dancing) will start promptly at 5:00.

Bring a chair, a stand, music, clips or strong magnets to hold the music (always some breeze), and water to drink. We will be mostly in the shade.

In order to use the park without a permit, all music must be acoustic, no alcohol is allowed, and the event is free.

Here is the playlist. The order will be Carolan's Welcome, Sheebeg Sheemore, etc., ending with Ashokan Farewell.

  • Carolan's Welcome Book 2 pg 11 (120 bpm, 3x) (E minor)
  • Sheebeg Sheemore Book 1 pg 42 (120 bpm, 3x) (D major)
  • Flatbush Waltz (108 bpm, 4x) (A minor)
  • Amelia Book 1 pg 11 (120 bpm, 2x) (D major)
  • Genevieve's Waltz (120 bpm, 3x) (A major)
  • Give Me Your Hand Book 2 pg 20 (120 bpm, 2.5x) (G major)
  • Mr. & Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow Book 3 pg 41 (120 bpm, 3x) (D major)
  • Valse de Fables Book 4 pg 79 (120 bpm, 3x) (D minor)
  • Leaving Lismore Book 4 pg 40 (140 bpm, 3x) (D major)
  • Inisheer Book 3 pg 28 (100 bpm, 3x) (G major)
  • Emily's Waltz Book 1 pg 20 (130 bpm, 3x) (D major)
  • Solstice Maid Book 4 pg 68 (120 bpm, 4x) (E minor)
  • Old Rosin, the Beau (126 bpm, 4x) (C major)
  • The Ludlows (100 bpm, 3.5x (AAAB)) (D major)
  • Anniversary Song (126 bpm, 3x) (E minor) (2 pages)
  • Shepherd's Wife Book 1 pg 43 (126 bpm, 3x) (G major)
  • Powell Valley Waltz (120 bpm, 3x) (C major)
  • Ashokan Farewell Book 1 pg 14 (100 bpm 4x) (D major)